Temporal Flux Studios,  REAPER

Temporal Flux Studios, REAPER

Hello my name is Keith Sudano. I have been and still am a professional musician, leader, teacher, life coach, Counselor and seeker.

l now find myself the host of a podcast which is growing. The nature of all things podcast was a long time in the making. Yet the truth was, like anything else that just “works” it all happened in a nanosecond. Back in 2008 I just knew I had to build a professional studio in my home. But, the problem was I had never done anything remotely like that before. All throughout my recording career as a musician we had top notch engineers and although I always watched and engaged in the process where I could, these guys were magicians. They did things with sound that left me in awe. Today an avergage recording studio “in the box” (which means all recording is done via computer with plugins and a digital audio workstation [DAW]) and has more power than 4/5th’s of the major studios of yesteryear. With only a desire,  I built “Temporal Flux Studios” in my house. Named after the strange anomaly of time distortion that happens there when I am working (AND Star Trek my favorite show of all time). I lose complete track of time, and as usual with having tons of fun, time feels like it goes much faster than it actually does. Clock time that is.

Temporal Flux Studios Charleston,  SC

Temporal Flux Studios Charleston, SC

I recorded my first full length music album “The Biography of Me” in 2014. It had always been a dream of mine. I wrote all music/lyrics,  played all instruments,  sang,  engineered,  mixed and produced everything on that album.  I know the second will be even better. 🙂

But now I enter into a new phase of the purpose of this studio which I did not foresee.  How to use it for spiritual/loving purpose?   Although I could not see it, the Creator could,  and one day (literally) I set up a mic,  fired up REAPER and started talking.  My first podcast episode “Words” was recorded in Sept 2014 and I was much more subdued then.  I wanted to chronicle my teaching and most of all help others grow and learn who could not come in and see me in person.

I endeavor to record an episode per week and release them on Mondays at 6am Eastern time. There may be times I miss a week though… so bear with me.  Each episode can take as little as 6 hours to research,  record,  edit and upload and as much as 10 to 15 hours for the longer ones or ones which include “Gladys and Vera.” 😀

It is best to start out listening from episode #1 and move onward.  The early episodes cover the building blocks on which the later ones will be based.  This is a teaching program and those early ones are the “reading” and “writing” equivalent you learn in elementary school. Admittedly the later episodes are far more entertaining and more “me” for sure. I found my stride after episode #10. But those early ones are important to understand the later ones.

Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have. I may even speak about some on the podcast with your permission. I try to keep it passionate and funny but always for real.  That is who I am,  someone who wants to help you find some truths.  I will not leave you hanging out there.  If you do not understand how something works or disagree,  it may be that I am being misunderstood. But I suspect I will communicate with a deeper part of you.  Truly this podcast is for deeper thinkers and knowers.  People who are searching.   Searching for the nature of all things.


Keith Sudano